Corona #staycation Day 30-ish

How are you all hanging in over there? Still have TP? Sanity? Well, I am running low on both of those! 😳😂

I have kept myself busy lately teaching myself how to create and edit my own You Tube videos! Totally a step "way out of the box" experience for me. We have "finished" Netflix, so to speak and have slipped into the You Tube rabbit hole! Actually a great place to get lost! I have watched many pottery videos - my absolute fav is "The Great Pottery Throw Down" from Great Britain. Have you tuned in? Oh. My. Goodness!

I am not going to lie - I have watched many of the episodes 2 or 3 times. We have to have this show here in the US! I wanna be in it! I have penned several letters to the producers of the show - trying to decide which one I should send to convince these guys that producing an American version would be AWESOME! I have also discovered

"Portrait Artist of the year 2020" - another show from Great Britain. Has the same set up as The Great Pottery Throw Down. Portrait Artist have only 4 hours to paint a portrait while the sitter is right there. So AMAZING and inspiring to watch! Twelve episodes and when each episode ends, it leaves you wanting more! Each episode is 45 minutes - not 4 hours 😊😉

And, if you want to learn to make some videos of your own, take a look at these guys on You Tube. Great info and "how to's" for diy You Tube videos that look more "professional" (in my casr, maybe! 🤣). Check out "Think Media's How to Edit Your You Tube Video". I found it easy to watch and the tips were great! Below was my first "edited" video all done on my cell phone!

Thanks for reading!



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