How Are You Spending All Your Time?

Wow. So much time on my about yourselves? I have actually been making more pottery - I could actually make more, but I am easily distracted by household "things". Laundry, dust, gardening, animals, food ( I am going to weigh a ton when this quarantine is over!), social media and day dreaming. Yep, you heard that right. I think I am the worlds best "day dreamer"! This is my biggest distraction of all! Thinking of all the things I should be doing/making! After day dreaming, I make lists of these important ideas - kind of laughable, now that I think about it! I have had some great "aha" moments for my face jugs - my latest series of "Shelter In Place" jugs came from my daydreams. So, they are not completely a waste!

I have been planning and "vlogging" pottery videos along with Bob Taft on our new You Tube channel. Those have been a whole learning experience! We have not figured out how to edit these videos, nor do I think we will ever get to that place....we are having fun just as they are. So, if you are completely bored with your pottery, check it out! And, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see us do either on the wheel or hand building, please let us know! I am attaching Part 1 & 2 of Bob's plate making videos below - his "better half", Lucia Hodge is his "Video Diva" on that first day. In the second video, as I am taping for him, we get interrupted by a nice lady at our studio, who speaks no English and cannot understand what we are doing....that would be where we could edit, if we know how! Now, we ARE "social distancing" - do not think we're not! We only allow 3 in the studio at a time and there is only 6 of us. Other than the studio, we are home. I am sure this will end soon, as I am sure we will be on a manditory "stay at home" order in the coming days. I pray everyone stays well, Let us hear from you out there ( I guess that way, we know somebody out there is reading this?!?).

I hope you all enjoy these!

Til next time,


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