NCECA Here We Come! 

We are just so excited! We are NCECA bound in a few weeks! None of us has ever been before. We actually have no idea what to expect! Any advice out there for us? We are all participating in a shot glass exchange (Clay Buddies - Tim See), and so far I am going to participate in a contest put on by Skutt to win a Steven Hill Wheel! There are some cash prizes, too - who doesn't like cash?! To register for your spot for the Skutt contest, log online to .

On Thursday night, I understand The Potters Cast (Paul Blais) and other pottery pod cast are doing a group pod cast of sorts at a local pub at 9 pm? I love listening to The Potters Cast, Tales of the Red Clay Rambler and Wheel Talk these days - I understand they will all be there, which is pretty exciting! I am keeping my eyes and ears open for more information. Tell us what you know in the comment section!

Thanks for reading our blog - it is a work in progress - I will report back and let you know what I have learned!


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