Summer Is Officially Here!

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Cannot believe June has nearly come and gone! Our Summer Pottery Camps are in full swing! Have you checked out all of our Summer Pottery Camp offerings? Our first week was a BLAST! We visited with Newt Scamander and created our own Magical Beasts (as well as got our own "Wand Registrations", "Ministry of Magic" IDs, etc - a few of us had no wand experience, so the participants got a few "Swish and Flick" lessons!).

I am very excited about our next camp session starting tomorrow morning! "Tea For Two"! Let you in on a secret - my understanding is that a few "Fairies" will be observing the daily activities! Knowing this, besides creating our Tea Sets, we will also be creating all you will need for your own "Fairy Garden"! We have a few spaces available, so if you have not already signed up, email me today and I will save your child's spot or book online today here on our website!🤗

Check out our other Summer Pottery Camps! Our staff has been busy designing each week's pottery activities. I can guarantee your child will love it! We even have a camp which includes Adults! Our last week of our summer programming is Wheel Throwing Boot Camp for Teens and Adults (July 29 - Aug 2nd). Don't miss out!

Each week is $180 per child (or Adult!). Includes all clay, glazes and firing, and a

T Shirt!

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